how to fix a portable jump starter

The portable jump starter will help you deeply solve the unwanted battery problem of the car. Suppose you take your loved one out on a long drive with your car, take a break somewhere on the road and try to start the journey again at this time your car battery is not working. Sadly your car has a battery jump starter but you don’t know how to use it properly. What do you do now?

For your information, here are some ways to fix portable jump starter:

Check Inside the jump starter.

Examine the technical things inside of the jump starter.

Since the elements are not the same in every jump start, they can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Although, terminals, circuit boards, and batteries are common values. Always try to find anything that looks dull like a pile of plastic on a circuit board, terminals, or near your battery cells.

Check the batteries closely and look for any signs of excessive drainage. By changing it you can make your jump starter work like new. With a knife or screwdriver remove any plastic debris from the circuit board or terminals.Check for loose cords and make sure they are always firmly attached.

Replacing the jump starter Battery

The battery life of the start-up phone depends on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers place the battery on top of the jump starter next to the circuit board. Some manufacturers put them down. In this section of our article on how to repair a portable jump starter, we will discuss battery replacement.

You should know how to connect before installing a jump starter battery. The smart thing to do is to take a picture before changing the battery so you can reconnect later.

The corresponding match can be obtained from your battery at your nearest electrical supplier. You must also sell connector terminals for the battery. Therefore, it is best to have a heat gun around.

Connector jack replace

Usually the connector jack melts on the side of the jump starter of the car. Due to electric waves and high temperature adjectives, it is often discarded.

If you find the jump starter connector melted, look for any damaged cable sign. Cut the cord completely and check the wires under the connector jacket.

Find a replacement for the connector jack. Collect in another portable launcher to jump or buy a new one in the electronic space. Then just sell the terminal wires and insert the connecting jack where it should be.

Binding and Insulation

After fixing problems with the launcher and once you are sure everything is fine then close the jump starter and bond the loose ends together. Silicone adhesive can be used to firmly attach all parts of a portable jump starter.

Be careful not to add sticky material near the connector jacket as it will melt when hot. Many use tie wrap for this purpose. Install other finishing materials with the help of silicone adhesive. Finally, grease the charging board and let it stick.

Charge and check the jump starter

Recharge your battery jump starter until it gets a full charge. Then take your car for a test drive to see if the jump starter is working properly or not. Carefully following all the steps mentioned above will increase your chances of success.

If the jump starter does not work properly according to the procedures you should take the jump starter to a specialist and check the circuit breaker.


Those are the Main problems fixing part of a battery jump starter. But instat of this problem,You may face more different problems. So, solve the problems when that arises. Don’t panic, be happy and have a nice journey.

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