Best Columbia Hiking Boots Women To Buy in 2022

When variety is an important factor in finding the best hiking boots, you can bet on the best Columbia hiking boots women to meet your desires. The must-have options you see here are the result of our hard work testing over a dozen incredible kicks from Columbia.

Do you need a stylish plush handyman? Or maybe you are dreaming about something unusual for the cold season? Whatever Columbia hiking boot your heart is beating for, our top picks below will exceed your expectations.

How we test the best Columbia hiking boots women:

Our Columbia hiking boots women reviews are comprehensive and very objective. The main elements that make up our approach are listed below.

  • We buy Columbia hiking boots for women, cheap or expensive, with our own money.
  • We went through the usual tests of these travelers, identifying each couple’s strengths and weaknesses in the process.
  • To make our Columbia hiking boots women reviews the best and most complete, we’ve taken the insightful findings of hundreds of regular tourists and shoe gurus and added them to the mix.
  • Each shoe is then assigned a score from 0 to 100, or a CoreScore. The score a shoe receives plays an important role in determining whether it deserves a place in our must-have selection.

Best Columbia Hiking Boots for Women

  1. Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped for women

Take your experience to the next level wherever you go in the backcountry with the waterproof Newton Ridge Plus ampeds, also known as Columbia’s most functional and exciting trail boots.

The incredibly comfortable Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped hiking boots for women made us feel like we were in seventh heaven at the first mile right out of the box. From the snug, padded collar and tongue that didn’t chafe at all, to the comfortable insoles, the boot was such a beautiful piece of jewelry!

As solid as it looks, the Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped has never felt clunky. Weighing no more than 400g each, these luxurious Columbia hiking boots women are some of the lightest mountain boots we’ve ever tested.

Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped also lives up to its name. Its Omni-Tech lining and integrated mesh tongue kept our hike-thirsty feet dry (think light to moderate showers and not-so-deep streams).

Halfway through our adventure, we had to overcome this slippery hill. The Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped outsole proved to be reliable, never letting us lose our footing on the way to the top. Dealing with the descents in the trunk was also quite reassuring!

All this goodness has an MSRP of $90. Yes, the Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped is a bargain!

  1. Columbia Crestwood Mid Waterproof for women

Carefully! Columbia’s waterproof Crestwood Mid shoes keep you moving in any weather!

A hiking must-have that’s as affordable as our top pick, the Crestwood Mid Waterproof gives us all the comfort our feet need from day one! While its toe box could have been roomier, the rest of its limits felt very luxurious. We do not hurt or experience hot spots on our peers.

The Crestwood Mid Waterproof outsole helped us overcome many slippery obstacles with incredible traction. Wet logs, mossy steps, and muddy footprints were nothing to the boot’s fantastically sticky lugs. Just like the Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped, this gem made us believe with its claw-shaped heel brake!

In terms of waterproofing, this Columbia hiking boots women knocked it out of the park. In fact, our feet and socks kept all kinds of moisture out inside the incredibly waterproof Crestwood Mid Waterproof shell.

The Columbia Crestwood Mid Waterproof now has an amazingly protective upper. Its leather lining kept the shoes from scratches and the toe cap protected our little piggies from bumps and bumps.

However, you can replace the shoelaces. They are quite short, in our honest opinion.

Best winter Columbia hiking boots for women

  1. Columbia Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat for women

Do you want to tell the Snow Queen who is the master of this winter? Then get ready with the Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat and put it in its place!

Icy feet have no place in this cozy Colombian gem. In fact, its highly insulated shafts and cold-resistant outsole will keep your feet warm even in temperatures as low as 15°F!

Columbia’s Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat blew us away with their dreamy edges, especially around the neck and instep. However, a bit of patience is required before you can reach your full potential in terms of comfort as the boot has a fairly short break-in period (about 3 miles maximum).

On the slightly muddy ground, the Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat lived up to our expectations. Its durable outsole also kept us on the safe side of the fence as we traversed wet terrain and icy surfaces.

We weren’t put off by the presence of rain on the Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat. Yes, this imposing yet stylish winter mountain jacket blew us away with its super waterproof shell. Despite torrents of icy water and splashes, these Columbia hiking boots women in question helped us completely avoid moisture penetration!

5. Columbia SH/FT OutDry Boot for women

The Sh/Ft OutDry boots are less bulky than our top choice for winter, but still a pretty reliable ally for hiking on ice. These are soft and smooth shoes for nimble Janes!

Designed with Columbia Omni-Heat technology (200g weight), these mobile winter boots will blow your mind when the temperatures approach or drop below zero. Our test ride involved wandering through snow-covered hills, but these Columbia hiking boots women withstood the bites of the cold wind effortlessly!

When it comes to comfort, the same can be said for the Sh/Ft OutDry boots. We mean, these  Columbia hiking boots women gave us more than enough softness and care in its fleecy shell, and we didn’t even have to do any advance preparations (it was comfortable enough from the moment we left).

The Columbia Sh/Ft OutDry boot did a great job on my feet. Its rubber lugs, although shallower than our top pick, allowed us to navigate both wet and dry terrain with confidence. Crossing the frozen trails was also an easy task for the ladies!

One spot on the almost flawless resume of the boot is the lug overlays. We feel that they may break sooner rather than later.

However, we highly recommend the Sh/Ft OutDry boots. And his icing on the cake? Its undeniable price!

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